Individual Income Taxes

Please refer to the Sub-Menus at the top of the page for selected current year Federal Tax Facts and Federal Tax Rates for Individuals.

Please note that the information provided is not inclusive of all federal, state and local tax regulations, rates, deductions, or limitations on deductions that may apply to all individual taxpayers.   Readers are referred to their professional tax preparer for customized tax consultation.

Do you need a professional tax return preparer?  Our firm has provided tax preparation services to individuals in western Pennsylvania since 1942.  Some or our individual tax clients are business owners of companies for whom we provide business-related tax services, but many of our individual clients do not own a business, instead seeking our services in order to assure their income tax returns have been properly prepared and their tax obligation has been minimized.  Our tax preparers all have many years of experience and training in tax matters and recent changes in tax laws and regulations.

Please refer to the Contact information listed on this blog to speak to a firm representative of Roy & Associates, PC.  We welcome new business.

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