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There are multiple ways to access the information available on this blog.  The tabs across the top of the blog provide the following types of information:

  • ABOUT provides information regarding Roy & Associates, PC, the navigation of this blog and the purpose of this blog
  • CONTACTS lists the CPAs of the firm and their areas of expertise and professional distinction, as well as providing information on how to contact each individual
  • FAQ provides FAQ information on different services our firm provides and the process for how we charge our clients for the services performed
  • NEW ENTITIES provides various links to information on the Internal Revenue Service website relative to choosing the proper form of business entity with links to areas of explanation about the differences in these types of operating entities, as well as links to federal and Pennsylvania websites that provide various registration forms that are required for various types of business operations
  • RESOURCES provides a direct tab on the website listing many internet links to other websites of frequent interest to many of our clients.  We also reserve a separate RESOURCES website containing a more extensive list of resources accessed by us in administering our accounting and tax practice and in maintaining our website and blog.  This separate RESOURCES website can be accessed by clicking on the RESOURCES button at the bottom of any page of our website.
  • TAX RATES provides selected information about business, corporate and individual federal and Pennsylvania tax rates for selected taxes
  • TAX REFORM provides information about selected topics of tax reform that represent new legislation or legislation that has been adopted and not yet fully implemented
  • TAX REFUNDS provides a link to federal and Pennsylvania websites where taxpayers may follow-up to find out the status of pending personal income tax refunds
  • WEBSITE provides a link to a Site Map of the Firm website as well as a link directly to the home page of the Firm website itself

In addition, information may be accessed from the HOME PAGE under the tab for HOME using the following captions:

  • BLOG TOPICS – by selecting a category from the drop down menu.  Posts to the blog related to the category selected from the menu will then be listed to the left.
  • BLOG ARCHIVES – by selecting the month in which a blog post may have been published.  Posts to the blog made during the month selected will then be listed to the left.
  • BLOG SEARCH – by entering the term or subject being sought.  Posts Search Results of related posts to the blog will then be listed to the left.
  • FIRM RESOURCES – by clicking on the link to the Roy & Associates, PC Resources site, many other links are made available to other resources on topics of potential interest to users of the blog.
  • RESOURCE WEBSITES – by choosing from a list of links to websites containing information relative to accounting, business development, taxes, or other topics of potential interest to readers of this blog.  These websites are often used as a resource for information discussed or defined on the blog.
  • FIRM WEBSITE – by clicking on the link provided, the reader will be directed to the Roy & Associates, PC Website where more information can be found regarding the firm and other audit, accounting and tax matters.
  • PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS – by clicking on the links provided, a reader will be directed to the website of the named professional organization where additional information relative to accounting, business development, taxes or professional accounting matters may be found.
  • CALENDAR OF POSTS – allows the blog user to access posts of the most recent year via a calendar of dates on which blog posts were made.
  • AFFILIATED CONTRIBUTORS – by placing his/her cursor over the hovercards shown in this area, the reader will see information pertinent to the authors/contributors to the blog contained within the Gravatar of each author/contributor.
  • LOCATION / PHONE/ HOURS – provides the blog user with a location map, phone number and hours of the Firm.
  • PAGES – by choosing from a listing of the pages and sub-pages otherwise accessible via the tabs at the top of the blog.
  • RECENT POSTS – by choosing from a list of titles of recent posts to this blog.

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Roy & Associates, PC serves clients in western Pennsylvania located predominantly in Westmoreland County, Allegheny County, and Fayette County.