Abandoned & unclaimed property in Pennsylvania

Under the Pennsylvania Abandoned and Unclaimed Property Act (the “Act”) all businesses, organizations, and government entities in Pennsylvania must file an unclaimed property report with the Pennsylvania Treasury Department by April 15 of each year, even if they have no property to report, and any holder that does not file a report by April 15 may be subject to interest and penalties. For businesses that have never filed a report and would like to come into compliance, the Bureau of Unclaimed Property offers a Voluntary Disclosure agreement to bring companies up-to-date with their annual filing while receiving amnesty from penalties and interest. 

Forms for filing are furnished in an Adobe (.pdf) format online whereby the forms may be typed into, saved and printed from your computer, or the blank form may be printed to complete manually and mail.  If you type directly into the form, print, and mail it, a signature is required.  If you send an electronic copy to, the signature requirement is waived.   

 The website for the Pennsylvania Treasury Department has a link to a twenty-six page document that includes instructions for preparing and filing all tangible and intangible unclaimed property reports required by the Act [multiple reports exist that pertain to holders reporting various types and numbers of unclaimed property], including Form AP-1 Neg, the negative reporting form required to be filed by all business entities reporting they have nothing to report.1   If you have any questions, need additional information, or experience problems downloading the forms, contact the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Unclaimed Property, Reporting Division.  Contact information is as follows:

If you wish our assistance in preparing this form, please notify us in writing, indicating you wish us to provide the service and that either (1) you have nothing to report or (2) you are including with your request the items of unclaimed property you wish to report and the year to which each item of unclaimed property applies.


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